Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sara Claus Synopsis

The North Pole is melting, Santa is sick is in the elf hospital, the polar elves can’t make toys in their melting work stations, the reindeer have deer mites and are too itchy to fly; so who always fixes these Christmas disasters? That’s right—Sara Claus. Sara Claus is a 17,000-word chapter book geared towards children ages 6-10 will help confirm the rumor that Mrs. Claus is not just a sweet, white-haired grandmother figure, but an energetic executive CEO, who gracefully runs the North Pole by computer with one hand and bakes cookies with the other.

Sarah is the gentle executive glue holding the North Pole together and can trouble-shoot any polar emergency. Summoning her favorite forest wood elves to build toys deep in the forests of the world, she commands leagues of flying pink pigs to deliver the toys with three elves to a coach. Even with the additional help of deputized mall Santas and mall Saras, delivering the massive load of gifts before 5 am on Christmas morning will be the feat of a lifetime. Sara Claus is a book that brings Christmas to every household worldwide and not just in a remote region called the North Pole.

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